Education plays an important role in each country all around the world. In this information age, education seems as the top important policy all around the world and Vietnam is not an exception.
The Vietnamese government always make policy that helps children can go to school.

The model of School in Philanthropy Village is built to help the disadvantaged children can go to school with the quality of teaching and tuition fee appropriate with the income of local people here. This model includes Primary school to High School that every child can study from low level to high level.

Some Facts about Vietnam's present actual situation or related activities

The Report on Out-of-School Children 2016, in the year 2000, the out-of-school children rate at the age of 5-14 go to work is 28%. Today, this rate is under 10%.
The number of ethnic minority students who do not go to school or quit studying decreases day by day in 2019. Although Khmer and Mong are two ethnic minorities in Vietnam has decreased remarkably after 5 years. However, the illiterate proportion is still high.

The purpose of this project that decreases the quantity of students in central school and help children in rural areas can go to school. We always focus on education and know the importance of this in life. We expect that every child can go to school, especially that ethnic minority students.

This project is linked to Plastic Bank so the tuition fee will be the same value as the crypto by collecting the plastic. The local people not only protect the environment but they can also send their kids to school.


Primary and High School

The community hospital will have 200 – 400 sick – beds with high tech equipment. The hospital is operated under the mechanism of the private hospital. They will serve and treat the patient with an affordable fee that appropriate with their living conditions in that province. The profit is earned from the hospital will use to take care of the Victims of Agent Orange/dioxin, the elderly, disadvantaged families in those provinces.


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