Philanthropy Village

With the mission that implements all projects relating to healthcare and education services for the community, our project – Philanthropy Village which includes Medical Center (Hospital or Polyclinic) and Primary School to High School. Not only about the quality of education, but we also base on the per capita income of local people that give a suitable fee for students. Moreover, Philanthropy Village also has a nursing home for old people and an orphanage for orphan and they will live on the welfare of Hospital and School. One Health Foundation will in charge of collecting, raising funds to construct and implement the project.


Malaria has caused more deaths than all wars combined, killing 200 million people in the 20 century alone. According to statistics, Malaria still claims 500,000 lives every year around the world. Malaria kills a child every two minutes. Moreover, Malaria used to impact millions of lives in Asia-Pacific. Through smart investments and effective tools, we have halved the number of malaria cases and deaths in less than 15 years. However, the closer we get to eliminating malaria, the harder it gets.


The plastic bank is founded with the mission to stop Ocean Plastic by gathering a billion people together to earn money from the waste as well as improve their lives. Extremely poor regions, people are not able to access basic social services and they are suffering from extreme plastic pollution. Hence, the plastic bank is the best solution to prevent the flow of plastic into our oceans, protect the environment and improve the lives of thousands of Vietnam.


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