M2030 campaign is launching to raise awareness and decline the malaria mortality not only in Vietnam but also in Asia. 2030 is the year that is set up for eliminating Malaria in Asia.

Malaria has caused more deaths than all wars combined, killing 200 million people in the 20 century alone. According to statistics, Malaria still claims 500,000 lives every year around the world. Malaria kills a child every two minutes. Moreover, Malaria used to impact millions of lives in Asia-Pacific. Through smart investments and effective tools, we have halved the number of malaria cases and deaths in less than 15 years. However, the closer we get to eliminating malaria, the harder it gets.

We are facing an urgent challenge. The drug-resistant malaria is emerging in Southeast Asia: Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand, and Lao PDR and threaten global public health.

M2030 is founded to raise awareness of threatening of malaria and join hands to foster champions for malaria elimination in Asia. Furthermore, M2030 partners also develop M2030 branded products/services to customers.

When consumers buy M2030 branded products/services or engage the campaigns, 100% of the contribution will go directly to the Global Fund or to a pre-selected and vetted NGO to save lives in Asia.

We believe 1 case or 1 death from Malaria, is too many. We know Malaria can be eliminated. We have the tools and we have the will. Imagine all those lives saved, all those futures unscarred, all that sorrow stopped. Join hands with us to support the M2030 companies and save millions of lives.


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