With the mission that implements all projects relating to healthcare and education services for the community, our project – Philanthropy Village which includes Medical Center (Hospital or Polyclinic) and Primary School to High School. Not only about the quality of education, but we also base on the per capita income of local people that give a suitable fee for students. Moreover, Philanthropy Village also has a nursing home for old people and an orphanage for orphan and they will live on the welfare of Hospital and School. One Health Foundation will in charge of collecting, raising funds to construct and implement the project.

The scope of the project

  • The community hospital will have 200 – 400 sick – beds with high tech equipment. The hospital is operated under the mechanism of the private hospital. They will serve and treat the patient with an affordable fee that appropriate with their living conditions in that province. The profit is earned from the hospital will use to take care of the Victims of Agent Orange/dioxin, the elderly, disadvantaged families in those provinces.
  • The community school will include the primary school to high school with the modern educated equipment. All schools will be operated under the mechanism of the private school and an affordable fee that appropriate with the income of local people. The profit from the school will be spent on scholarships and free tuition fee for an orphan and disadvantaged children in the local area.
  •  The elderly nursing home has 150 – 200 beds, operated under the mechanism of the private nursing home and will provide the best services for the local elderly people.
  • The elderly nursing home and an orphanage will nurture, take care of 100 – 200 the elderly and the orphan from the money of the other article in the project and raising funds from the community.

The purpose of the project

  • Help local people access to healthcare services and education easily and conveniently.
  • Increase the quality of healthcare services and education in local areas.
  • Solve all the problems relating to the polluted environment, create new clean energy for local areas.
  • Create a sustainable system for helping and sharing people who have a difficult situation in their life.
  • Decrease the patient for the medical center or students for all schools in the central cities.

The process of the project

  • Stage 1 from 2019 to 2020: Raising funds and constructing the first Philanthropy Village in Binh Phuoc province.
  • Stage 2 from 2021 to 2025: Operating the first Philanthropy Village and constructing the next 5 Village in South and South Central area.
  • Stage 3: Constructing Philanthropy Village in the North area.


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