The plastic bank is founded with the mission to stop Ocean Plastic by gathering a billion people together to earn money from the waste as well as improve their lives. Extremely poor regions, people are not able to access basic social services and they are suffering from extreme plastic pollution. Hence, the plastic bank is the best solution to prevent the flow of plastic into our oceans, protect the environment and improve the lives of thousands of Vietnam.

How does it work?

The people collect the plastic which will be paid by crypto as a pride and will be confirmed through the Plastic Bank application. After collecting, plastic will be categorized, recycled and sold for companies who use recycled products in production instead of new plastic. This will build a sustainable ecosystem when this project links to the philanthropy village. It means that when the parents collected the plastic and received the crypto. This crypto will be accumulated day by day and their students can have enough condition to go to school. Moreover, the disadvantage people can buy food to improve their lives. Our projects aim to build a nationwide sustainable ecosystem in Vietnam in order to share our vision. Not only do Plastic banks protect the environment and increase the recycling rate in Vietnam but they also help to decrease the poverty rate.

By improving infrastructure and paying a premium on collected plastic, we believe that if everybody joins hands together and we can save the Earth, save our lives.


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