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One Health Foundation (OHF) is a public charitable organization, registered as a Non-government organization operating in Vietnam. OHF is founded in 2018 by Mr. Nguyen Huynh Dang Khoa – Chairman of Foundation. OHF is founded to share and help all disadvantaged families and children in Vietnam that they can access to basic social services (education and medical treatment). In the future, all our projects will access and help the lives of thousands of Vietnamese in it 63 provinces.


OHF funds projects in order to expand public healthcare as well as education opportunity to financially disadvantage people in Vietnam. We also develop solutions for environmental issues to local community. We empower Vietnamese youths to develop themselves to their full potential through our key projects.


OHF aims to build a nation-wide sustainable public healthcare ecosystem in Vietnam where everyone got effective and affordable medical treatment, education and clean living environment.


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